Phase IV:  GET IT


[In three easy steps: FIND it, DEFINE it, APPLY it]

Find It:  If you were to sit down and design the blueprints for a PERFECT HUMAN, what qualities would you instill in them?  Before you answer, however, be clear that I am not referring to external or physical features & abilities, but rather the content of their character and the essence of their moral beliefs.  For example, would they possess Respect?  Generosity?  Compassion?  Kindness?  Empathy?  Integrity?  Conviction?  Etc...  You decide.

Define It:  Once you have found what you believe to be the purest of human qualities, the next step is to define HOW your PERFECT HUMAN would actively demonstrate these ideals in their daily life.  For example, to display Respect would they follow the Golden Rule?  Say please & thank you?  To display Generosity, would they share what they have with others?  Give when they are able?  To display Compassion, would they LOVE Unconditionally?  Help when they can?  To display Kindness, would they smile?  Open doors?  Pick up garbage?  To display Empathy, would they try to understand another’s situation?  Put themselves in the other’s shoes?  To display Integrity, would they keep their promises?  Stay true to their word?  To display Conviction, would they STAND for what they believe – even if they were the only ONE standing?  Etc…  Again, You decide.

Apply It:  First, a question: Where do you suppose your idea of this PERFECT HUMAN originates?  Assuming you answered the previous two questions for yourself and from your [Heart], then the image of this PERFECT HUMAN is likely a direct reflection of the kind of person You Yourself aspire to be.  For you see, this IDEAL HUMAN already exists within YOU - and now that you have found it, all it takes to realize Your innate UNLIMITED potential is the willingness to TRY.  Determine what You believe in your [Heart] is TRUE and commit to Living in direct accordance with this TRUTH, not allowing Yourself to be anything less.  Find Your TRUTH, Define HOW to achieve it and Apply it to Your LIFE.  Simply put: If it makes [Heart] happy, do it.  If it makes [Heart] sad, don’t do it.  TRUST [Heart]... You'll know.

May TRUTH be with You - ALLways.  Go forth to Phase V...