Phase V:  GIVE IT 


As I’m sure most of us can relate, it is awfully difficult to give or share something that we do not have.  When it comes to TRUTH & LOVE, however, we find that they not only reside in abundance already within us, but that they derive from an infinite source to which [Heart] is intimately connected.  Knowing this allows us to give with an UNLIMITED capacity, as much and as often as we are compelled by [Heart] to do so.  And unlike most physical or material things, when you give LOVE and make someone’s [Heart] smile, the reciprocal effect makes Your [Heart] smile as well, thus increasing Your LOVE stash, rather than depleting it.  The more you GIVE, the more you GET – and the more you GET, the more you are able to GIVE… this way the LOVE goes round & round!  YAY!!

Now, here comes the fun part of GIVING: This is where you get to create your very own LOVE style - as unique as your fingerprints, as extraordinary as your Soul and as vital as the air we breathe.  Just as we need a variety of cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, understandings and ideas to thrive, so too do we need an array of distinct LOVE styles.  Everyone shares their LOVE differently, but these individual differences are what make HUMANity whole.  Imagine a puzzle… if even just ONE piece is missing, it can never truly become the beautiful portrait it was always meant to be.  So it goes for the HUMAN tapestry: without ONE, we are not whole – we are incomplete.  But with ALL, we become ONE – ONE Home, ONE Tribe, ONE Love.  We do not need to be Like-Minded to be Like-Hearted... the World needs Your LOVE – Share it Your way.

You are doing GREAT!  Go forth to Phase VI