To CHANGE The World ....

…. DREAM like Martin.
He dreamed that one day this place, currently sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, would be transformed into an oasis of Freedom and Justice.  He dreamed that one day the World’s People would not be judged by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their Character.  He dreamed that one day ALL People would join together in celebration at the table of Brotherhood.  He dreamed that one day every valley would be exalted, every hill and every mountain would be made low, the rough places made plain, and the crooked places made straight - that the glory of [Heart] might be revealed and ALL would see(k) it together.  He dreamed with [Heart].

.... IMAGINE like John.
He imagined a World without countries, and no religion too - so nothing to kill or die for.  He Imagined a World free of possessions - so no need for greed or hunger; just a Brotherhood of Man, sharing ALL the World.  He imagined ALL the People Living for Today.  He imagined ALL the People Living LIFE in Peace.  He imagined with [Heart].

…. TEACH like Buddha.
He taught that ALL beings tremble before violence; that ALL fear death; and that ALL love LIFE.  And so if we choose to see ourselves in others, then whom could we hurt?  What harm could we possibly do, knowing that they are us, and we are them?  He taught that those who seek happiness by hurting those who seek happiness will never find true happiness.  He taught that our Brothers and our Sisters are the same as us: they want to be happy.  He taught that by choosing not to harm one another, we could ALL find happiness.  He taught with [Heart].

…. LEAD like Gandhi.
He led by example, becoming a direct reflection of the Change that he wished to see in this World.  He Lived simply that others might simply Live.  And as if he might die tomorrow, he Learned as though he may Live forever.  He endured humiliation, ignorance and attack, until eventually, he won.  He habitually found himself in the service of others.  He aligned himself with the TRUTH of his relative kinship to [Heart].  He believed in Humanity with an indomitable will.  He led with [Heart].

…. GIVE like Teresa.
She gave through her face, through her eyes, through her smile, and through the warmth of her greetings as she cared for others, sharing of her whole heart through each encounter.  She gave Forgiveness to the unreasonable, the irrational and the self-centered.  She showed Kindness to those who accused her of selfish, ulterior motives.  She was Honest & Sincere with those who deceived her.  She did Good without any notion of acknowledgement or accolade.  She gave her Best, even when others deemed it not good enough.  She did small things with great Love.  She gave Love until it hurt – until there was no more hurt, and remained only Love.  That we may find Peace, she gave reminder that we belong to one another.  She gave with [Heart].   

…. LOVE like Jesus.
He Loved because He knew that genuine Love relieves a vast multitude of sins.  He was patient, He was kind, He did not envy, He did not boast.  He protected, He trusted, He hoped, He endured.  He honored others and kept no record of wrongs.  He Loved His neighbor as Himself.  He Loved by way of TRUTH.  He Loved, knowing that Love comes from [Heart] – and that everyone who Loves has been born of [Heart] and knows [Heart].  He Loved, that we may know the true meaning of Love: to give of one’s self on behalf of another.  He Loved, bringing to LIFE the WAY in which we are ALL meant to Love: unconditionally.  He Loved with [Heart].

.... STAND like Sitting Bull.
He stood as ONE of the People.  He stood by TRUTH of the People.  He stood through LOVE of the People.  He stood four HOPE of the People.  He stood with [Heart] of the People.  He stood then as ONE so ALL may STAND here NOW.  He stood ALL ways with [Heart].

.… DO Like Them – LIVE Like You.
TRUTH is the Belief - LOVE is the Dream - LIVING is the Dreamer.  Conceived of and by [Heart], ALL of Humanity is endowed to Live of and by ONE UnIversal Spirit.  So let us finally UnIte by extreme TRUTH, through radical LOVE.  Let Today be the day we finally hear the song of Freedom as it rings from every village and every hamlet, to every city and every state.  Let us join with the Dreamers, that our World may finally Live as ONE.  Let our actions be both True and Kind, finally in direct accordance with the change we wish to see in our World.  Let us spread Love everywhere we go, such that ALL of Humanity may finally experience zealous Joy & fervent Happiness.  Let us finally Love one another unconditionally, as we are so Loved.  Let us finally adhere the notion that Kindness should ALLways be met with more Kindness.  Let us finally understand that Love is the WAY, Love is the TRUTH and Love is the LIFE, everlasting.  Let us finally stand ALL ways with [Heart].  Let us finally Know that we – the HUMANs of ONE Tribe – we are LOVE, finally found.  So let it be NOW that we finally See; We finally Believe; we finally Become - ALL that we truly are:  ONE.LOVE.

LIFE with [Heart] has been called to find new HOPE for ALL.  Entrusted of and by [Heart], we are hereby dared to CHANGE EVERYTHING by way of TRUTH, through LOVE.  Finally... ALL for ONE as ONE for ALL so UnIted We CAN.