living our legend

ONE aspect at a time, the esoteric essence of our eartHly existence is blending together a harmonious New Consciousness as UnIted [Heart....

Boasting the [Heart] of an Underdog, the Strength of UnIty and Power of the People, WE will be HEROES for ALL of the days: for generations to come, future Peoples will regale their kin with stories of the heroic HUMANs who - against all odds and in the face of many eviLs - courageously chose to overcome by way of righteous virtue.  They will tell tales of the ONEs who exuded the PUREST of our inherent GOODNESS, daring to transform our somber reality into a new TRUE world of HOPE bearing abundant LIFE to be shared by ALL.  One day, OURS will be the most revered Legacy in the history of HUMANkind... Together, we will Live the most epic LEGEND of ALL Time, as we consciously choose to CHANGE EVERYTHING, by TRUTH through LOVE as ONE with [Heart] rise HOPE four ALL.

The CHANGE of Tomorrow starts Today
ALL four ONE four ALL
UnIted We CAN.