Phase II:  The Rarriors


This world needs more TRUTH, more LOVE and more [Heart] driven warriors striving for a steady balance to keep them both alive…

In finding YOUR balance [ever searching for a deeper understanding of Self, committed to a LIFE of benevolence and passionately striving to maintain the supreme ideals of TRUTH & LOVE] ONE becomes a warrior for change.  Henceforth, these warriors will be known as 'RARRiors,' so as not to sound combative in terminology.

Like a Lamb with the [Heart] of a Lion, the only thing required of a RARRior is that they NEVERSTOPLOVING - because when we NEVERSTOPLOVING, then the LOVINGNEVERSTOPS...

Accept the DARE
Find YOUR Truth  <←→>  Share YOUR Love]
Become a RARRior

RARRiors become HEROES – HEROES become LEGENDS

GET it here :: GIVE it there :: LIVE it everywhere

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