Phase III:  The DARE

It’s easy to find YOUR balance with the DeltaTRY:

GET IT / Find YOUR Truth   ⇆   GIVE IT / Share YOUR Love
   LIVE IT / Live YOUR Legend  

Let the TRANSFORMATION begin!  This adventure has great potential to BLOW YOUR MIND into realms of UNLIMITED possibilities... A few things to consider as you embark on this epic journey of Self-Realization:

  • As with any newly accepted challenge, You are bound to experience both UPS and DOWNS throughout this endeavor.  It is essential that You fully embrace BOTH.
  • Aware that it cannot possibly be an overnight, snap of the fingers transformation You will make valiant strides through PRACTICE, PERSEVERANCE and, most importantlyPATIENCE.
  • CELEBRATE all of Your victories - no matter how small they may seem. 
  • FORGIVE Yourself for the mistakes You, as a HUMAN, will inevitably make - choosing instead to see them as vast opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Keep it SIMPLE... don't over-think it.  When in doubt, go back to BASIC.
  • TRUST Yourself.  If You BELIEVE You can, then You CAN.
  • No 'toe dipping.'  In order to truly SUCCEED, ONE first must truly TRY... So be BRAVE, say "COWABUNGA" and go ALL IN.

If the change of TOMORROW starts TODAY, what are YOU waiting for?  Go forth to Phase IV