The delta disposition 

Humanity’s greatest ongoing quest in LIFE is to Understand TRUTH.  What it is, what it means, how to decipher it and so forth.  For the purposes of this Project, let’s begin with a short list of TRUTHs that are already known:

A)   In essence, TRUTH is of and by [Heart]
2)   Anything that is of or by [Heart] is Absolute – it is infallible and inalienable
C)  ALL of HUMANity is created of and by [Heart]

These basic TRUTHs combine to evoke a series of rather compelling notions regarding HUMANity’s relative kinship to [Heart].  One of the most profound ideas being that ALL of HUMANity is, or at least perhaps could be, Absolute - if and when we choose to Live truly of and by [Heart].  Consider for a moment the astonishing implications of what it would mean to be Absolute; Imagine the unlimited potential and the grandiose feats we could realize as Absolute beings.  What a riveting concept…

 {Lessons Learned + Experiences Lived = True Understanding}

However, to Mankind’s vast detriment, we have spent much of our eartHly existence living instead of and by our own HUMAN mind - which is inherently fallible.  And so it is that many of our conceived notions of truth & law are flawed:  Our reaction to conflict as the justification for war & violence is flawed.  Our apathetic concern for the well being of others is flawed.  Our insatiable desire for wealth & material goods is flawed.  Our approach to addressing the complete and utter depletion of our Planet’s Environmental & Natural resources is flawed.  The TRUTH is, We are flawed.

Though it is true, “to Err is HUMAN,” the latter half of the parable claims, “to FORGIVE is Divine.”  Divine because being Forgiven is like receiving a second chance in LIFE.  It is an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate a True understanding of what has been learned from previous mistakes by actively applying those lessons to future encounters.  On the other hand, when we deny Forgiveness - to ourselves or to others - we stifle our ability to EVOLvE, which invariably renders us stagnant and subjective within the confines of our current capacities.

Thanks to [Heart], Forgiveness is granted unconditionally on the sole premise that we Grow from the experience.  And so, for HUMANity to consciously Learn from Divine Forgiveness is for us to Truly Live, as we gain vast insight and understanding from each ‘missed mark.’  Forgiveness brings Peace to [Heart] and sets Free our Soul.  Forgiveness is the clearest path to true liberation from Hate and Fear, encouraging the Forgiver as enlightening the Forgiven - effectively rendering both parties more learned, more experienced and more understanding for the future.

Some believe that repentance is required before Forgiveness may be granted.  In this context, one may consider repentance as simple as vesting conscious, contemplative thought into our transgressions, acknowledging the ‘missed marks’ and expressing what has been learned as how we intend to approach differently in order to evoke a more amiable result in the future.  LIFE is a Learning Opportunity…  We must seize it. 

LIVE – LEARN – Do BETTER – Repeat.

If LIFE is a Learning Opportunity, then there ought always be a Lesson to find.  By choosing to fully embrace the richness that each new moment brings, we permit ourselves a timely occasion to explore the unlimited TRUTHs clandestine within.  This conscious learning moment shall henceforth be known as RIGHTNOWLIFE.  RIGHTNOWLIFE is the only moment that always has been, always is and always will be ours to Live… It is the ultimate gift, known as The Present

In order for us to recognize the omnipresent GOODNESS that exists eternally in RIGHTNOWLIFE, we must open our Eyes to seeing it, we must open our Mind to knowing it and we must open our [Heart] to feeling it.  Once we have truly opened, the World reveals itself in a softer, more delicate light and we soon discover that effervescent JOY can be found, wondrous BEAUTY indeed abounds as omnipotent LOVE is always around.  Whenever we do find goodness, it becomes essential that we take a moment to sincerely appreciate its presence.  Zealous gratitude is an easy way to discover ALL that LIFE truly is, rather than dwelling on what we think it ought to be.  Perspective is a funny thing… That which we see(k), so shall we find.  Choose HAPPINESS – See(k) the GOOD.

LEARN from the Past – HOPE for the Future – LIVE RIGHTNOWLIFE.

At some point, we come to realize that there are, in fact, two distinct plans for our lives:

A) The arrangement we have conceived for ourselves; and
2) The fated journey that [Heart] has mapped out on our behalf.

When we consciously release our perceived notions of what we think life ought to be, choosing instead to vest our Trust wholly in the Higher Plan, LIFE begins anew.  We suddenly find that ALL is in Perfect Time and that right where we are is exactly where we are meant to be.  By see(k)ing the Good as we move forward, we equip ourselves with a self-affirming perspective, which then allows us to more easily decipher our next best step within the abundance of each RIGHTNOWLIFE moment.  One conscious step at a time, we gradually advance ourselves ever closer to discovering our own Divine Destiny.

In some moments, the true reasons may be obscure or difficult to comprehend, but ‘Trust Assured’ that there is a reason and that it will be revealed in Perfect Time.  Until then, Trust that [Heart] would never place before you an obstacle, a challenge, a circumstance or a change that you are not readily equipped to consent and conquer.  For it is true that hardships are intended to make us better, not bitter.  

with TRUST, first one BELIEVES – then one SEES.

Certainly one of the most revered qualities anyone can exude, true valiance is rare as fear is a powerful deterrent.  Much like happiness, however, Courage is a choice.  For you see, there may come a time when one will be faced with the prospect of a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular - but one must choose it, simply because [Heart] says it is right. 

When we choose to act in the consciousness of RIGHTNOWLIFE, we inherit a profound confidence that makes it possible for us to take an unwavering stance for that which we Believe.  We exude this great confidence when we choose to do the right thing - for no reason save it is the right thing to do.  With prolonged practice, ONE soon becomes apt to courageously choose their disposition in any given situation or circumstance, thus allowing for amiable responses derived out of consciousness, rather than abrupt reactions arising solely from potentially biased emotions - like fear.  It is indeed a courageous act to Live Truly, for those who have chosen to Live Truly are choosing to Truly Live. 

Love LIFE – Be BRAVE – Live TRUE.

A deviation from the familiar and a deliberate breach of our comfort zone, CHANGE can be a scary thing.  However, by choosing to welcome the inevitability of change as a revered opportunity, rather than loathing it in fear, we allow the change to become a positive one.  For it is through change that we experience growth – and growth is invariably how we EVOLvE. 

Though the transition through Change can also be frightening, the one thing greater than fear is HOPE… and this change offers Hope: adamant HOPE that when HUMANs choose to stand UnIted as ONE, indivisible in our allegiance to [Heart] and the supreme ideals of TRUTH & LOVE, then we can bring forth a UnIversal CHANGE that is advantageous for ALL.

TRUTH for ALL + LOVE for ALL = HOPE for ALL.

As individuals, no ONE of us has ALL the answers... By working as a collective whole, however, combining ALL the answers that we as individuals do have, we establish an infinite idea bank allied in the pursuit of amiable remedies for the difficulties facing our World today.  A fundamental concept: Teamwork / Cooperation / Community – YOU contribute what You are able, I contribute what I am able, and together we combine our knowledge and our strengths into ONE cumulative effort toward a Truly harmonious World in which ALL may Truly Live.

ALL for ONE for ALL – UnIted We CAN.

ONENESS  (affirm aloud or in your mind as you read)
"ONE is ALL as ALL are ONE.  I am Nature.  I am Beauty.  I am Intelligence.  I am Strength.  I am Greatness.  I am Kindness.  I am Generosity.  I am Creativity.  I am Confidence.  I am Courage.  I am Conviction.  I am Compassion.  I am Benevolence.  I am Goodness.  I am Joy.  I am Happiness.  I am Importance.  I am Special.  I am Unique.  I am Extraordinary.  I am Complex.  I am Flawed.  I am Forgiveness.  I am Perfection.  I am Transformative.  I am Awe.  I am Wonder.  I am Power.  I am Absolute.  I am Abundance.  I am Growth.  I am Expressive.  I am Expansive.  I am Vast.  I am Free.  I am Unlimited.  I am Patience.  I am Peace.  I am Tranquility.  I am Harmony.  I am Inspiration.  I am Affirmation.  I am Illumination.  I am Light.  I am Connection.  I am Essence.  I am Body.  I am Mind.  I am Heart.  I am Soul.  I am Within.  I am Without.  I am Transcendent.  I am Divinity.  I am UnIversal.  I am ONE.  I am ALL.  I am TRUTH.  I am LOVE.  I am LIFE.  I am HOPE.  I am [Heart].  I am Ready.  I am Able.  I am Enough… I am Found.  Simply TRYnI am..."

Say; Believe; Become - ALL that You truly are.