Ascent of a lifetime

Return of [Heart]
Rather than the common ascription of a deity descending from the Heavens, what if 'The Second Coming' were instead referring to an advent emergence of the [Heart]-like figure within ALL of Humanity?

Mount TRYnI
One at a time, LIFE's learned lessons elevate us ever nigh unto the pinnacle of Self-Realization.  High atop this glorious mount, [Heart] knowingly proclaims, "I am ALL - I am ONE."  

Upon hearing the call of [Heart], our Soul is awakened with reverent abandon and joyfully resounds, "In TRUTH, I am LOVE."  This enlightening ascent effectively reveals the Soul-Meaning of LIFE:  Simply TRYnI am that... Truly, I AM.

[Heart] of LIFE
Dreamers, Believers, Teachers, Leaders, Givers, Lovers and Protectors - most cherished of all creation, HUMANs are the [Heart] of LIFE.  Created to Create, we are the risen essence which brings LIFE to the TRUTH and LOVE of [Heart].

United We Rise: Commence forth to Breaking Dawn...